What style of dance is used in a Flowetic Class?

Flowetic includes a real mix of dance styles including elements of ballet, contemporary dance and lyrical jazz, amongst others.

What type of music is used in a Flowetic class?

We only use the very best music in our classes. To give you an idea, just some of the musicians and singers we dance to include; Philter, Nitin Sawhney, Colour The Atlas, DJ Shadow, Christine and the Queens, Stevie Wonder and Radiohead.

Who is Flowetic For?

Flowetic is for adults of all ages, sizes and ability levels. If you love music and dance, this is the class for you!

Do I need to have previous dance experience to attend?

No! Flowetic is a progressive class and it's taught in a really easy to follow way - you definitely don't need to have any previous dance training to attend. Remember, like any new sport or skill, you'll get a little better each time. Try not to worry about getting a movement 'wrong', but instead, zone into the music and away from the voices in your head. If you can manage to do this, there will come a point where you won't be just following the instructor or 'moving', you'll be dancing ...and it really is the best feeling!

What should I wear to a Flowetic class?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable dancing and moving around in. We recommend loose fitting clothing that allows you to move freely without any constriction of movement.

What should I wear on my feet?

Most people tend to dance in bare feet. By working in bare feet you should feel much more grounded and will intuitively be much more mindful of your ankles, knees and joints. If you would prefer to wear shoes, we recommend wearing ballet pumps or soft soled shoes that allow full movement of the feet and ankles.

What are the benefits of attending a Flowetic class?

Like all good fitness classes, attending regular Flowetic classes can help with; weight loss, endorphin release (the happy hormone!), muscle strengthening and toning as well as an increase in mobility and range of movement. More than that though, Flowetic encourages you to switch off from the craziness of life for a single hour and focus on you. Flowetic is 'you' time. At the end of a class, you'll feel much more balanced and in control, both mentally and physically. You'll walk out of the studio taller and happier than when you first walked in.

This sounds great! Where can I try a class?

Take a look at our Find A Class page to see where your nearest Flowetic class is. If you'd like to see a new class in your area, get in touch and we'll do our best to bring Flowetic to you!

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