We don't want just anyone to become a Flowetic instructor. We're looking for highly trained dancers and fitness professionals with the technical skills and enthusiasm to launch a successful Flowetic career. Before you book onto a training day, please take a look at the prerequisites below:

  • All those attending Flowetic training must be at least 18 years old on the day of the training

Automatic Entry Onto the Course:

  • Level 2 - Exercise to Music Qualification
  • Level 2 - Fitness Qualification
  • Dance diploma/degree
  • Full time professional dance training (minimum 1 year requirement) at an accredited dance school, college or university

Please note: You will be asked to provide evidence of at least one of the above qualifications.

If you don't hold any of the above qualifications, don’t panic! We also recognise that there are some wonderfully talented dancers out there who may not necessarily have any formal dance or fitness training, but who would make great Flowetic instructors! If you think you fall into this category, you will need to make a separate application in order to attend the Flowetic training in any of the following ways:

Assessment of Suitability:

  • Please send a CV or detailed description of extensive work/experience within the professional fitness or dance industry to info@flowetic.co.uk
  • Attendance in person at a Flowetic class taken by Fiona. This must be scheduled in advance by contacting at info@flowetic.co.uk or 07522 231 446
  • Online video submission. Applicants must perform one continuous dance fitness routine (dance based aerobics preferred) to music. The routine must be at least 3 minutes in duration and sent to info@flowetic.co.uk


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