Fiona and Dominique became friends right by the tea machine on their first day of The BRIT School 20 years ago. They went on to study dance at the prestigious London Studio Centre before dancing professionally for many years.

Countless cups of tea (and biscuits) later, their love of all things dance led them to start their own dance company, Just Dance UK. They've taught dance and fitness classes, hosted events and taken hundreds of couples through their wedding first dance steps.

They created Flowetic because they want dance to be accessible for everyone, no matter your age or ability. It's taught in a really progressive, easy-to-follow way, and it challenges conventional dance teaching methods by removing that elitist, and often intimidating atmosphere that can prevent adults from participating in group taught dance classes.

Those who attend Just Dance UK classes already will know that they are about much more than burning the most amount of calories in the least amount of time, and in this respect, Flowetic is no different. This class will have you feeling fitter, stronger and healthier, but more than that, Flowetic is a dance fitness programme with a whole lot of heart.