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Having always had an overwhelming "lust for life", a need to move and express myself physically, I once was a swimming & lifesaving instructor, an aerobics and circuit trainer. I trained and toured as a professional dancer, and found a deep soul-felt connection with yoga. I've been teaching, developing, performing, touring, collaborating, creating & leading for over 13 years, and practicing for more than 20!

In my classes I encourage you to "work with what you've got", guide you to feel your way into safe movement & safe postures, finding expansion, space & hopefully a little more physical freedom in your body & peace in your heart and mind. You will be challenged, definitely, you'll also get to rest, recover, laugh and smile. Mostly I want you to feel great about yourself, find your fabulousflow!

An incredible experiential understanding of biomechanics, I use my skills as a movement reader, to bring out the best in students, giving them examples to imagine, corrections that work & confidence to fall or fly.

Flowetic Classes in Worcester

WHERE:  St Mary's Church Hall, The Avenue, Worcester Park, KT4 7HL

DAY: Coming in October 2019!

TIME:  Coming in October 2019!

PRICE:  Coming in October 2019!

Check the online schedule for details, availability and booking.
Please bring your own mat/towel to practice on.
Parking available.
Changing facilities available.

Contact Tanya

WEBSITE: www.yogaworcesterpark.co.uk

EMAIL:  tanya@yogaworcesterpark.co.uk

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