Flowetic is a beautiful class combining dance, toning and strengthening exercises alongside stretching and relaxation.
Fitness and wellbeing for the body and mind.

1. Start with a soundtrack of brilliant music.

2. Mix in choreography to complement the music using a range of dance styles. Flowetic is taught in a progressive, easy-to-follow way but don't forget to add a splash of your own flavour too.

3. Let the music guide you through the toning section of the class where we focus on keeping you strong and healthy.  

4. Stretch. Zone into the music and forget about everything.

5. Breathe, lengthen, close your eyes and relax.

6. When the class has finished, walk out of the studio a little taller and a whole lot happier. Leave the music and choreography to simmer. Return to Flowetic the following week. You'll feel like a dancer ...and it's wonderful, promise.